Matthew Primous has been featured 16-Time in Stargaze Media, Chinese Entertainment Weekly, Poze Magazine, Marquis Global Network, etc.

Both of the first albums of Matthew Primous are next to All Music Guide Best of 2019 Albums.

NOMA Music is inviting Matthew Primous' songs for song placements in major feature films, TV, web, ads, soundtracks, and more from his hit song, "Where Love Will Always Be."  A International Celebrity according to Celebrity Gossip & & Celebrity News Today.Top for tag celebrities and music. Matthew Primous has been in High Alliance Magazine reviewing with Youtube and iDaily - Pop Culture News and he's a Pop icon.

A New Beginning CD, Released by Matthew Primous, in genre Country & Folk, on 01/10/2006 rated 5 Stars by 100 reviews by

I'll Be Happy Again CD, Released by Matthew Primous, in genre Rock & Pop, on 12/20/2005 rated 5 Stars by 100 reviews by

“Hello Matthew, the Reverbnation's biography looks great, and we would like to feature you in our magazine!”

"Hey, It has been a pleasure and honor to feature your song on our show. Hey, Awesome! Thank you very much! Looking forward to working with you in the future.All the best"- Indie Network Radio Show Crew

Fans did you know? That Matthew Primous' Top Songs- 'A Ride', 'I Wish You Were Here', and 'That Enough' were all chased after by Hollywood's Blockbuster movies, major television networks, and advertisers according to Akademia. "We're aren't small and our movement is great" posted to

Matthew Primous was reviewed as  "Uplifting soul music...vocals are good...effortless pop songs...soulful voice...creative..Stunningly." - three times by Indie Magazine, Red3MP3, and Coast2Coast Celebrity Judges-world's largest showcase for artists.

Matthew Primous' hit song"Show Me" received Best Promotion on

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"Momentum for your music is clearly growing and we have watched you consistently break through every glass ceiling, where other artists might have plateaued".-Akademia Music Awards

I just got invited to Blast-FM Radio-
thanks to my fans around world supporting my hit song, 'Love There's' and as a ReverbNation artist for radio airplay on any of its 12 licensed radio stations. My songs are considered radio-friendly songs.

Known as a R&B / soul artist with an enigmatic side, Matthew Primous's new single ‘A Ride’ has exploded on radio and put this R&B / soul artist on the world map. Read Matthew Primous' First Interview with Marquis Global Network on his Triple Award-Winning song, A RIDE at

Known as a R&B/soul artist with an enigmatic side, Matthew Primous's new single ‘I Wish You Were Here’ has exploded on radio and put this artist on the world map. Focal Point provides the latest in Australia / New Zealand art, news, business and technology. Stargaze Media provides the latest in Los Angeles news, sports, music and entertainment and reaches a significant metropolitan audience. Mobcity Records, a regional marketer for the Eastern United States. Since 1993, Mobcity Records has focused on developing a significant retail presence for artists in major cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Miami and others. Read Matthew Primous' Second Interview with Marquis Global Network featured on NOW ENTERTAINMENT on his second Quadruple Award-Winning Song, I WISH YOU WERE HERE at

Drawing on rich musical roots, personal instinct and a healthy dose of soul, new artist Matthew Primous brings a style all his own- and fans of his new single ‘That Enough’ all across the world are loving it. Focal Point provides the latest in Australia / New Zealand art, news, business and technology. Read Matthew Primous' Third Interview with Marquis Global Network on his third Triple Award-Winning Song, THAT ENOUGH at 

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Won seven-times consecutively thrice the KMIX & Affiliates Award Plaque, Power XR Award Plaque, Star 100 Award Plaque, and Hot XR Network Radio Plaque, and  WNYR Radio New York Plaque by hitting #1 on the charts, he achieved an important and rare career distinction. 6 CERTIFIED Number Ones, 3 BEST Songs in R&B/Soul, & 2 BEST Album in Pop and R&B/Soul! Matthew Scott Primous is also a Reverbnation Writer since 2020 besides BMI Songwriter in 2013.